Installing a New Perspective

How Shifting Perspectives Can Affect Your Valuation

It’s no secret that quickly shifting perspectives or tasks is difficult. But what you may not know is how a shift in focus could affect productivity and even your company’s valuation. In order to fully take advantage of the Exit Mindset, we are always looking to view a business from the perspective of a potential buyer to improve the product, infrastructure, and conversation. From the perspective of a potential buyer, seeing employees in the marketing department handling accounting and vice versa, could be a window into the underlaying processes and everyday procedures. Is your team efficiently and effectively completing projects without getting distracted by outside tasks, problems, and hiccups? If not, it may be time to reevaluate which members of your team are easily able to transition their attention from one task to the next without falling victim to a complete re-install and reboot of their perspective!

Large Companies & Smaller Businesses

Whether you are running a global corporation or a small family business, spreading your employees too thin is a real possibility. Putting employees in positions where they are forced to shift perspectives on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis can cause chaos throughout your infrastructure. No matter how large the business you are running is, recognizing when a project is being stalled due to the prioritization of another assignment is especially important. While some employees may be able to seamlessly transition their efforts from one project to the next, others may have a more difficult time. Keep in mind, this is not always a character flaw. It is extremely common for an employee to be proficient at tasks within their area of expertise, and also experience difficulty when asked to conduct business outside of that box. The difference between a large corporation and a small business is that employees who work for small companies are often forced to spread themselves much thinner than their counterparts.

The Solution

So, what can you do as a business owner to solve the issue of employees constantly having to install new perspectives? The answer can be found through careful evaluation of your teams and their daily functions. You do not have to track all of your employee’s each and every move throughout the day. But having a good idea of each employee’s primary and secondary tasks is a great start! To assist you in this process, we’ve created a helpful worksheet (linked below this article and at that will help you organize your thoughts and present them in the future if necessary. The end goal with this exercise should be to develop a strategy to prevent your employees from needlessly uninstalling tasks and processes from their brains throughout the day. If you are able to achieve this outcome, you will notice increased levels of focus throughout the office, less mistakes, and higher productivity!


There’s no doubt that employees face a ton of distractions throughout their day. Are there distractions or changes of perspective that you could be controlling? There’s only one way to find out! Download the worksheet that we’ve discussed above in our tools page to begin evaluating your teams and their functions. Is there a lot of overlap? Are employees straying too far from their primary duties? Soon you’ll have the answers to all of these questions and more!


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Business owners across the country will agree that a distracted employee is an employee who is failing to reach their full potential. Have you noticed a lack of focus in your staff? What’s the secret to increasing your team’s productivity? The truth is, there are countless business owners throughout the country who assign their employees projects and tasks that are drastically outside of their areas of expertise on a daily basis. With so many things going on, it can be easy to quickly delegate an assignment without stopping to think about the tasks you may be pulling that employee away from. In this article, we will dive a bit deeper into how employees are forced to activate different parts of their brains each time an unfamiliar task comes their way. Whether that new job is challenging or not, it’s easy to imagine how someone would have to shift their complete focus away from their task at hand and install a new perspective!


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Become the best version of yourself, take control of your business goals, and reach the next level with Exit MindsetTM coaching.

Become the best version of yourself, take control of your business goals, and reach the next level with Exit MindsetTM coaching.