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Why We Should All Have an Exit Mindset

In the first episode of the Exit Mindset podcast, we join Rem Oculee, the Founder and CEO of Confidence Wealth Management, as he explains what Exit Mindset means, why he developed this methodology, and how it is an immeasurable asset to any business owner. What does it mean to have an Exit Mindset? It means […]

Podcast Notes

Podcast Episode 1 with Transcription – Rem Oculee

Episode 1: Why We All Should Have An Exit Mindset (Transcript) [00:00:00] Rem Oculee: Welcome to the exit mindset podcast. I’m Rem Oculee. I spent years researching and studying exit strategies to improve businesses. And I’m here to help you increase profits, increase your company valuation and get you more work-life balance. [00:00:25] Today we’ll […]