Exit Mindset Worksheets

The Exit Mindset is based on looking at your business from the perspective of someone who is going to buy your company. The three principles of the Exit Mindset are your product, your infrastructure, and the conversation that you are having with your consumer. Making changes to these areas of your business will help you gain more profits, get more time and receive a higher company valuation.

Take advantage of these free resources to help you look at your business from the perspective of a potential buyer.


Don't let the economy control your business. How can you plan to get your business through economic downturns?

Are you reaching your market segmentation effectively?

Is your mindset focused? How can having an abundance or scarcity focused mindset effect your business?

Do you understand your business in it's totality?


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In your business, do you feel like it’s all work, little personal time, and less income than you deserve? Enter the Exit Mindset podcast. The Exit Mindset gives you a series of principles and information that will help you get the profit, company valuation, and work-life balance you want. Whether you are looking to keep your company forever or interested in selling it at some point down the line, this podcast will work with you in helping you achieve the business you always wanted.