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Taking Action

By now it should be clear that your business will not be able to overcome any setbacks, or hurdles if action is not taken by the top-level decision makers. By taking the first action, stepping back to analyze the results, and then providing your team with feedback; problems will soon start to appear as being much more achievable. The issue that a lot of business owners face on a daily basis is not seeing results immediately after a lot of effort has been put into a solution. In today’s world of instant gratification, we have programmed our brains to expect a result right away, which should not always be expected. If you are not willing to be patient and observe the oppositive reactions that come along with every action, there may be solutions that you will miss and critical changes that are never made. The bottom line here is that if you do not take action, nothing is ever going to happen!

Lighting the Fire

Taking steps in the right direction and observing the positive effects that your team’s actions take on a business, will generate belief and motivate your employees to continue problem solving. If you are never motivated enough to take action or make a change, it is easy to fall into a mindset where you are not believing in yourself. You could even end up losing faith in your business’s potential success down the line! On the other hand, if the first or second action you take has a positive effect on profits, work/life balance, or even communications. That minor success can serve as a steppingstone to further improvement. Have you been looking for a way to stoke the fire underneath your business? Maybe all you need is a small spark to get your fire burning.

Abundance Mentality vs Scarcity Mentality

As a business owner using the Exit Mindset, you should always be looking to improve your company’s valuation. While also viewing your business from the perspective of a potential buyer, like we’ve discussed in the past. In order to expand your business, it is important to stay in the abundance mentality because it always keeps your brain thinking about the next improvement, or the next step that can be taken towards success. Owners and employees who fall into the scarcity mentality are often worried or nervous about what may lie around the corner, which can prevent future accomplishments and ultimately drive a small business into the ground. The main difference between the two is focusing on the resources and skillsets you have available versus the ones that are not available, or that you don’t need. Focusing on the negative or the impossible will lead to doubt and counteract that belief, which needs to be constantly generated.


Belief is a powerful tool that can be utilized by business owners across the globe. Action that leads to belief can keep employees engaged and working positively towards solutions. While even putting them in the correct mindset to be coming up with unique solutions to difficult problems. It doesn’t matter how much drive or passion exists within the walls of your company if there aren’t any leaders willing to take action. Whether you succeed or initially fail, there will always be lessons to be learned that will lead to confidence and belief in the future!

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If you haven’t yet reached the ideal mindset to move your business forward, there could still be some focusing that needs to be done. Like with most business-related problems, the first step in making a change is realizing that you have not yet achieved your goals and may not be on the right path to do so. There are countless business owners who have had a difficult time taking action even once they have determined the problem, which is a fault that can snowball quick! It is worth keeping in mind that the mentality you are approaching these problems with will also play a crucial role in your success. By looking at every problem as an issue that can be solved through action, results, and then internal feedback. You’ll soon find yourself on the winning path again, instead of stuck in an old rut, which is what we will be discussing in detail today. 

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Become the best version of yourself, take control of your business goals, and reach the next level with Exit MindsetTM coaching.

Become the best version of yourself, take control of your business goals, and reach the next level with Exit MindsetTM coaching.