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Why We Should All Have an Exit Mindset | Facebook Youtube Linkedin Twitter Thick-instagram-logo Exit Mindsetᵀᴹ What does it mean to have an Exit Mindset? It means building up your business so that if or when you choose to sell it, you gain the most profit possible. For many business owners who have this goal in mind, they are extremely disappointed when […]

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Podcast Episode 1 with Transcription – Rem Oculee

Episode 1: Why We All Should Have An Exit Mindset (Transcript) [00:00:00] Rem Oculee: Welcome to the exit mindset podcast. I’m Rem Oculee. I spent years researching and studying exit strategies to improve businesses. And I’m here to help you increase profits, increase your company valuation and get you more work-life balance. [00:00:25] Today we’ll […]

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